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About Us

DEKO (Designated for Extraordinary Kindness Only) is a world-renowned tool and
appliance brand, dedicated to improving the quality of life of consumers with perfect
technology  and perceived quality. DEKO tools is based on home users and tool enthusiasts
at home and abroad who need to tailor the high-end tool brand. DEKO tools always abide by
the high performance, low-cost brand promise. Over the years, by virtue of innovative product design,
harsh quality control and intimate service, DEKO won the love of users at home and abroad.

DEKO brand specializes in design and production of power tools.
Selling throughout global online channels, our positioning and
philosophy is to get rid of the complicated channel to provide
fashionable and cost-effective tools for worldwide customers.
As a global brand, we do not only want to ensure that a tool’s potential
reaches every corner of the world, making life more simple and stylish,
but we also aim to provide people with the opportunity to start
a significant change from within themselves.


A tool is much more than an artefact. In DEKO, a tool is an
instrument capable of creating change. It possesses both the
strength to build a future and, the potential to break everything
apart. To create or destroy- It’s all a matter of decision.